Chrysocolla Earrings, Rustic Copper Wire Wrap Earrings with Green and Brown Natural Stones



These copper wire wrap earrings with teal and chestnut brown stones are a bold tribal design. Beautiful greenish turquoise, mint green, tan, and reddish brown colors are expressed in chrysocolla gemstones, the largest stones in these earrings. The green tones are accentuated with Russian amazonite while the reddish brown colors are echoed in a small ochre jasper stone. A meandering line of copper wire is worked over the faces of the graduated square stones. The copper wire knits the teal and brown stones together into a bold drop ornament and unifies the color palette.

I used natural stone beads in a graduated set of two squares and one roundel. Greenish teal color Russian amazonite squares are in the middle, about 10mm in size. At the base of the dangle, are placed 12mm squares of multicolor chrysocolla. The chrysocolla stones that I selected swirl with dark and light brown, mint green and dark turquoise. At the top of the ornament is a small rounded jasper stone with an earthy tumbled surface texture. The chestnut brown color complements the antiqued copper wire and the brown in the chrysocolla. A single long piece of copper wire runs through all three stone beads. I worked the other end of the wire across the face of each square stone starting at the bottom. Between the squares I wrapped the copper wire a turn or two for some breathing room. A little twist with my pliers on each stone gave the wire a zig zag detail. I antiqued the copper just a little to a pretty bronze appearance.

These handcrafted earrings have a pleasing geometric design and earthy green and brown natural colors. The lightning bolt zig zag of the wire wrap suggests a tribal, primitive influence. My handcrafted ear hooks provide an simple suspension with a graceful curving shape and short drop.

These tribal design natural stone earrings are 1.875-inches long from the top of the ear wires. That's about 48mm long.

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