Charoite Dangle Earrings in Dark Patina Sterling Silver, Unusual Purple Stone Earrings



These charoite dangle earrings, set in dark patina sterling silver, express the character of this interesting rock beautifully. Charoite is a distinctive stone with a complex composition. Its lilac to violet color swirls and layers into other rocks like grayish green-white feldspar and very dark green nearly black aegerine. In these unusual purple stone earrings you get the big picture! The small rounded nuggets at the top of the dangles show needle-like black aegerine, wisps of purple charoite, in a mostly gray to greenish gray feldspar host. The rustic cut charoite discs at the base of the earring reveal large pearly patches of charoite in pale lilac to dark purple mixed with high contrast black host stone. Even in these humble natural stone earrings, charoite is entrancing. And that's interesting, too, since some minerological sources claim the stone gets its name from the Russian word, charovat, "to charm or bewitch". Others claim it is named for the Chara River region in Russia where the gemstone is found.

  • Handmade dangle earrings in sterling silver with natural charoite stones
  • The bottom stone of the dangle is a little over 0.5-inches wide or 14mm
  • Earrings measure 2.125-inches (54 mm) long from the top of the ear hooks
  • Handcrafted in Colorado, USA

These rustic and earthy charoite earrings are a unique way to wear purple. The slight greenish color in them suggests lots of wardrobe choices. Do pair them with green - olive to emerald colors - and black, white, brown, blue, eggplant. The possibilities abound. These lilac earrings would make a great gift for your best friend or girlfriend who loves natural textures and boho jewelry. 

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