Brown Tigers Eye Pebble Earrings in Bronze, Small Rustic Golden Brown Stone Earrings



Here's a pair of small and rustic brown tiger's eye earrings in antique patina bronze. The dainty stones are interesting examples of tiger eye with medium brown color and bright golden chatoyant strips and grey metallic bands as well. These brown tigers eye pebble earrings are short, lightweight adornments you'll be pleased to add to your natural stone jewelry collection. 

  • Tiger eye stones measure just under 1/2-inch long by about 3/8-inch wide
  • 12.5 x 9mm brown tiger eye stones, irregular shape nuggets
  • Handcrafted in phophor bronze wire
  • 1.4" long from the top of the handmade ear hooks
  • 35.5mm long

Tiger's-eye is a quartz gemstone with an internal structure of wavy but parallel fibers that interact with light to produce the cat's eye or chatoyant effect.  The brown color is most common and natural to find. These little pebbles display about 50% tigereye matrix of iron oxide and hematite and about 50% of tigereye gemstone. Lots going on in these small stones!


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