Brown Picture Jasper Earrings, Coiled Copper Wire and Stone Drop Earrings, Bouncy Pendulum Earrings



If you love earthy colors and earrings with fun movement you will love these bouncy pendulum earrings featuring natural picture jasper. A plump brown jasper stone swings at the base of a neatly hand coiled copper wire stem to make simple modern drop earring. The picture jasper stones are about 3/8-inch in diameter. They are a sandy beige color flecked and streaked with black and golden brown. In this round bead format, you don't really see a "picture" in picture jasper. But the markings are fine and interesting like a pen-and-ink drawing. You can imagine that a larger piece of the stone would reveal layers and swirls of earth tones and fine sketch marks across it and indeed that's how it got its name. These simple yet fun little earrings will add bounce to your step as you transition from summer into fall. How great these brown earrings will look with crisp white and yellow and turquoise blue this summer, and with purple and green and dark browns this fall.

Bouncy jasper stone earrings:

  • Picture jasper natural stone beads are 10mm (about 3/8-inch) in diameter
  • Earthy shades of tan and brown 
  • Handcrafted in solid copper wire and presented on handmade copper ear hooks
  • Copper metal has a dark brown antique patina
  • Pendulum earrings are modern and sleek, or earthy and rustic as you please
  • 1 7/8-inces long, that's about 48mm from the top of the ear wires

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