Blue Stone Beaded Wrap Bracelet or Necklace, Sodalite Bracelet with Lapis, Aventurine, and Kyanite



Here's a blue stone beaded wrap bracelet that's perfect dor every woman's summer jewelry collection. Soadlite, lapis, kyanite, and blue aventurine natural stones display an assortment of blue hues just like your blue jeans: from darkest indigo to sun washed denim.

I used sodalite 4mm rounds, 4mm cubes, and 6mm rounds; lapis lazuli 4mm rounds, 4mm wide short rectangular tubes, and 8mm faceted rounds; denim lapis 6mm flat squares; kyanite 8mm flat squares; and a couple of 6mm blue aventurine (quartz) rounds. I strung the blue stones in a continuous single strand that's a littl longer than 21 inches. This strand can be worn as a necklace or three-wrap bracelet if you wear a bracelet size 7. The largest stones are in the middle of the strand to serve as the front of the piece when worn as a necklace. When worn as a bracelet, each wrap is a little different and it doesn't matter how they lay, they'll look like a stack of blue beaded bracelets.  Pewter beads dot the strand, bringing silvery highlights to the seas of blues. The closure is a sterling silver clad magnetic clasp that makes it easy to put on this bracelet.

You can always use some new jewelry to go with denims. And if your jewelry box is full, (what?) this applies to your mom or your best friend too. You know she'll love wearing this layered bracelet with its beautiful blue natural stones so pick it up as a gift for her.


  • 7" long bracelet when wrapped three times
  • 21" necklace
  • Width of the beads varies from about 4mm (0.15 inch) to 8mm (0.31 inch)


  • Natural stones: sodalite, lapis, Kyanite, aventurine
  • Lead free pewter beads
  • Sterling silver clasp and end findings
  • Coated stainless steel beading cable

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