Black and White Agate Stone Earrings, Chunky Stone Nugget Earrings in Oxidized Sterling Silver



A pair of chunky stone nuggets swing on flirtaceous sterling silver ear hooks in these agate earrings by Pamela Hollis, artisan of Pebbles At My Feet Natural Stone Adornments. The black agate stones have beautiful wet shine, white chevron bands, and sparkly pockets of crystals for lots of stone-gazing interest. The look is very nature-girl chic in black and white and dark antiqued silver, while the chunky tumbled stones have a casual found quality. You'll love wearing these pebbles any and every day. These natural agate earrings would make a great gift for the woman on your list who loves the outdoors and who seems to always have her pockets full of interesting finds. If black is a color she wears often, these earrings are a perfect complement. 

Black and white agate earrings:

  • Handcrafted in sterling silver wire and natural stone beads
  • Black stones are approximately 0.5-inch long by 0.375-inch wide, free-formed tumbled nuggets
  • Handmade in South Park, Colorado
  • 1.5-inches long, 38mm

I make every pair of earrings individually, and carefully. I like using free-formed pebbles and nuggets for earrings, looking for pairs that complement each other but aren't perfect matches. There's a lot of stone character here in each stone of the pair.  I wire wrapped each agate so that the crystal pocket or patch faces forward. Still, these drusy agate earrings have a few different faces they'll show as you move: black and white, mostly black with some white lines, and almost all black.

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