Beaded Gemstone Necklace with Fluorite Amethyst and Genuine Turquoise Natural Stones



This beaded gemstone necklace features beautiful natural stones in varied shades of purple, violet, and lavender, accented with genuine turquoise and green patina ceramic beads. The three-strand necklace artistically mixes amethyst, fluorite, and genuine turquoise gemstones of various shapes. Each strand is different making the effect of three separate layering pieces. Accented with ceramic, hemitite, and tiny copper spacer beads and copper chain and wire work clasp, this lavish purple and turquoise necklace has a rustic and refined style that makes it versatile, dressing up or down with equal ease. If you love purple or if amethyst is your favorite gemstone, you deserve a statement piece like this one-of-a-kind layered necklace.


  • Three-strand beaded gemstone necklace

  • Genuine amethyst, turquoise, fluorite 

  • Copper beads and wire

  • Greek ceramic beads

  • Inner strand is 18-inches long (45 cm), outer strand is 22-inches (55 cm) long

  • I can alter to your preferred length


The purple and turquoise gemstone necklace is strung differently for each of the three strands. The longest outermost strand uses round smooth beads of amethyst and fluorite (that has a reddish violet color), small pebbles in amethyst and fluorite, and Hubei turquoise in rustic square heishi shape. Greek ceramic tube beads with a greenish patina wash are spaced along the strand with tiny hematite seed beads, and bright copper spacers. The second strand has a lovely row of Campitos turquoise chips at the center. These little pieces of turquoise are a brilliant blue color with little bright metallic pyrite inclusions that sparkle a bit. Beyond the turquoise a couple amethyst pebble beads give way to a run of small, smooth round amethyst of the type called "chevron amethyst" which is amethyst mixed with quartz, often in a banded pattern. The effect in these small stone beads is lots of shades of purple and grayish purple. The innermost strand features 5 faceted amethyst tubes interspersed with Greek ceramic beads at the front giving way to a run of chevron amethyst 6mm faceted round beads. There's a smooth round gemmy amethyst plunked in there too for variety and rich purple color. The three beaded strands come together at a handcrafted finding that transitions to copper link chain to the closure. As made, the closure is my handcrafted copper hook and eye. 

Because this piece is so special, I will make permanent alterations to fit you the best. Let me know your measurements and necklace length preferences when you order. Charges may be incurred if the beaded sections require alteration.

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