Natural Blue Chalcedony Earrings Amethyst Gemstone Chips and Artisan Crafted Pewter Hearts



These natural blue chalcedony earrings have an old-fashioned aura and pastel spring flower palette. Remember your first love? I'll bet it was in springtime. Grace your sweetheart or tickle your memory buds with these heart earrings. Oxidized sterling silver, lovely blue and purple gemstones, and rustic pewter heart charms are sure to please the heart.

"First Love" Earrings

  • Genuine semiprecious gemstone nuggets
  • Natural Blue Chalcedony and  Amethyst
  • Constructed with Sterling Silver Wire and Ear Hooks
  • Artisan Crafted Lead-Free Pewter Charms
  • 2.5 Inches Long, 64mm

Blue chalcedony and amethyst tumbled gemstone nuggets reflect the colors of Pasque flowers, the very first wildflowers that appear near my Colorado studio. Pasque flowers look like fuzzy crocus and push up through gravelly earth generally in time for Easter...if that happens to be in April. Chalcedony almost captures the not-quite-blue, not-quite-purple color of the blooms. A hint of purple color from amethyst rounds out the spring nosegay colors.

Each earring uses a large chalcedony nugget - about 1.625 inches long by almost 0.5 wide - and two flat nugget chips of amethyst. The gemstone nuggets are separated by a thin sterling silver bead. A pewter heart charm, 0.75 inches long, is placed at the base of the blue stone dangle, its time-worn patina matched by the oxidized sterling silver wire that joins all of the elements together. My handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks are highly polished adding bright highlights to the muted palette.

These pewter heart earrings are one-of-a-kind, just like a spring romance.

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