Argentium Silver Yellow Opal Earrings, Short Earrings with Small Nuggets of Opal Stone



This pair of Pebbles At My Feet pebble earrings will introduce you to yellow opal in a fun and friendly fashion. These argentium silver yellow opal earrings feature eye catching tumbled nuggets of the gemstone. Yellow opal is a common opal, that is, it does not display the iridescent colors of renowned gem opal. But the common opals have an appeal in everyday jewelry and that's the wide range of natural colors. With these pebble earrings, you get a nice piece of yellow opal stone wire wrapped and presented in simple style for you to enjoy the interesting character and variations it offers.

These yellow opal pebble earrings are a pale amber yellow color with a milky translucence that is delightfully sunny set in brightly polished silver. The argentium silver wire work and earhooks are nickel free, making them safe for most women to wear. This type of silver has a tiny bit more pure silver than does sterling, and its composition helps it resist tarnish longer. You'll still need to polish to maintain the bright appearance, just not as frequently as sterling silver.

These handcrafted short earrings measure 1.25 inches (32mm) from the top of the argentium silver ear hooks.

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