Argentium Silver Minimalist Drop Earrings with Tiny Red Jasper Hearts



These argentium silver minimalist drop earrings display tiny red jasper hearts on elegant silver ear hooks. These lightweight earrings are handcrafted from 935 argentium silver wire, alloyed to be nickel free. Argentium silver can be worn by nickel-sensitive women even if they can't tolerate sterling silver. The diminutive (about 1/4-inch across) red jasper stones look like red hot candy hearts and indeed these little earrings would be fun to wear for Valentine's day or any day you want to feel a little love. The sleek, non-dangling style of these jasper earrings is easy-to-wear and a comfortable alternative to your dainty post earrings.

I torched the ends of the wire to form a molten ball of silver. After cooling I flattened the balls to make a small paddle shape to hold the stone. I formed the wishbone shape of the ear hooks bringing the back tail of the wire to almost touch the red heart bead. This helps to keep the earrings secure when worn but makes them slightly tricky to put on. I recommend turning the earrings upside down,  then work the tail into your piercing from the front of your ear and turn the earring right side up as you slip it on all the way. You might have to turn the stone to face front but it should settle down on the little silver ball. Put your hair up to show off these fun minimal drop earrings.

1  inch long or a little more from the top of the ear hook to the edge of the flattened silver ball.

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