Angelite Blue Quartz Earrings, Beaded Quartz Stone Earrings in Sterling Silver, Blue and White Stones



These handcrafted quartz earrings feature Angelite blue sponge quartz and frosted white quartz stones in a pendulum drop style. Pale blue stone earrings with sky blue quartz stones are wire wrapped in shining sterling silver. 

These beaded quartz stone earrings remind me of Colorado blue skies and sparkling hoarfrost on a sunny winter's morning. These dreamy blue earrings will set your mind wandering to your favorite winter retreat. Enjoy their playful pendulum swinging motion and the bright glint of sterling silver as it snakes around each stone. Blue, silver, and frosty white colors are universally pleasing for any season making these pendulum earrings a splendid gift at Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or just because.

Blue and White Stone Earrings:

  • Handcrafted using sterling silver wire and natural stone beads.
  • Blue sponge quartz has a wispy marbled appearance. It is dyed quartz.
  • Saucers of rock crystal quartz have a frosty matte finish.
  • Quartz pendulum drop is 1.25 inches long
  • 2.125 inches (~54 mm) from the top of the handmade silver ear wires

When I purchased the 10mm diameter round blue stone beads, they were represented as "angelite" gemstone and I still have the packet marked that way. I was never sure about that after researching both angelite and commonly dyed quartz stones. I think these are dyed sponge quartz but can't be certain - sorry!. Still, they are pretty blue stones. The faceted surface creates a bit of blue and white light play across these focal stones. Frosted rock crystal beads are a pristine accent in the wintery scene these earrings suggest.

Gemstone enhancement treatments are as old as civilization. These blue stones have been dyed. The crystal structure in the quartz gives them an interesting marbled appearance after the color enhancement. I feel that treated stones - and many untreated gems as well - should never be stored in constant light (like in a dish or on an earring tree) when you are not wearing them. Please store these blue quartz earrings in the little pouch I provide. This will also protect your handcrafted gemstone jewelry from scratches banging around in a drawer, and will keep your earrings together as a pair so you'll find them to accessorize your favorite white blouse or black dress.

Please note: in order to show the details of workmanship, colors, and textures, my photos show the jewelry at larger than life scale. Please refer to the photo with the earrings on a card to help you relate to the actual size of the item. My earring cards measure 2 inches wide by 2 5/8 inches long.