With restrictions and staffing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, my rural Post Office is struggling to maintain service. They are working hard, with small town postmasters sharing and keeping open three different offices 40 to 60 miles apart. Still, there have been and are anticipated service disruptions in local mail deliveries and pick-up.

My shop is open and all items listed here are available to purchase online but now I am shipping items only once per week when I make my essential trip (to a larger town with fewer disruptions). This might mean your item will ship right away, or in up to 7 days. I'll keep you posted when I receive your order. Wishing you good health and hoping you stay safe in these unprecedented circumstances.

Amethyst Pebble Earrings in Sterling Silver, Rustic Heart Earrings with Purple Stones



Amethyst pebble earrings are simple adornments made special with their handcrafted sterling silver heart ear hooks. These rustic heart earrings earrings are easy going: just a nice wire wrapped tumbled stone bead on sterling silver hooks. The stylized heart shaped loop on the earrings make these amethyst earrings a nice gift for the woman with a February birthday, a sweet sixteen or valentine's day gift, or any occasion gift for mom, daughter, niece or granddaughter. 

I chose lavender amethyst pebble beads in a slightly rounded shape about 3/8-inch in diameter. The stones are vaguely translucent, appearing pale pastel purple when there's light behind them. The sterling silver handcrafted ear wires are polished bright, adding lots of sparkle.

Amethyst pebble earrings on rustic silver heart ear wires are 1 3/8 inches long or about 35mm.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and a stone that is said to dispel anxiety, balance mood swings, and alleviate sadness. Perhaps just gazing at these pretty purple pebbles will bring a lightness to your mood.

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