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Agate Pebble Trio Necklace, Rustic Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Three Agate Stones



Handcrafted pebble trio necklace features three small agate stones wire wrapped in sterling silver wire and placed as stations at the front of a sterling silver chain. The look is rustic, with oxidized sterling silver wire and chain and organic form pebbly nuggets in orange and creamy tones. Ity's also wear-it-and-forget-it minimalist. This sterling silver chain necklace is finished to 17 inches long and closes with a handcrafted sterling silver hook and wire wrapped carnelian stone and silver eye. The tiny round carnelian bead makes the eye easy to find and grasp behind your neck for ease of donning and removing the necklace.

  • Red Botswana agate pebbles are different colors, size, and shapes
  • Handcrafted with sterling silver wire, sterling silver chain, and natural stone beads
  • Hand wrought sterling hook and eye clasp
  • 17 inches long, can be shortened on request
  • 43 cm long

Pick any three red Botswana agate stones and you'll get three different colors, making this chain necklace one-of-a kind. While I selected one of the three stones in a peach color to coordinate with these earrings, the other colors give you great leeway to wear this necklace with other orange stone jewelry - like carnelian - you might have. Or go all-out colorful by pairing this pebble necklace with stone or glass strands of pink, turquoise, yellow, or bright green. The length and station chain style are great for layering. 

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