African Krobo Bead Necklace with Lapis Kyanite and Red Agate, Colorful Bib Necklace



This substantial handcrafted necklace features African glass and copper beads, lapis, kyanite, and agate natural stones. The bib front necklace features a Ghana krobo powder glass bead in dark blue, red, and bright orange hues. The colorful glass focal is flanked by blue natural stones of lapis and kyanite interspersed with ethnic African thin copper wafers. This African krobo bead necklace is hand wired in solid copper and inset into a solid copper rollo link chain. Two bright orange Botswana agate pebbles create the transition from the beaded bib to the chain. This blue and orange copper necklace makes a bold statement, and would be a brilliant piece for summertime. The blue hues of kyanite and lapis are the perfect match to denim.


  • Necklace is finished to 19-inches long (48 cm)
  • Blue stone, copper, and Ghana glass bead bib is 3.75-inches long (9.5 cm)
  • Kyanite spears add about 0.75-inch below the beaded bib


  • Powder glass krobo bead from Ghana
  • Kyanite natural stone chips
  • Geniune lapis rustic disks
  • Red Botswana agate pebble beads
  • Flat copper discs, copper beads
  • Copper wire and rollo chain

The earliest powder glass beads from African are dated to around 970 C.E. Beads were used as trade currency, spiritual objects, artistic expression, and for celebrations and rituals. Today, African "trade beads" (the real old ones) are still traded by collectors and artisans. Present day craftsmen in Western Africa and Ghana, notably, thankfully still practice this handcraft. The bead in my necklace is considered a "writing bead". The body of the bead is made from pulverized glass formed and fired in clay molds. The design is "written" or painted on the bead in a glass slurry and the beads are fired again to fuse it to the body. The pattern is slightly raised making the beads not only colorful but they feel neat too. Krobo beadmaking is experiencing a modern day resurgence as these colorful beads are attractive to jewelry makers, collectors, and folk-craft enthusiasts. I know I can't look at strand of these beauties without smiling. Big smiling. I hope they make you happy, too.

Rustic natural stone, darkened copper wire and chain, and handmade colorful krobo beads blend together in this honest, handworked, one-of-a-kind artisan neckpiece.

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